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Free music jingle player - History

What's new in Jingle Palette 4.4.5:

· Supporting playback of files from network drives.
· TabIndexes on the palette buttons updated to follow each other correctly.
· Pressing cancel when selecting the color of the remaining warner no longer generates an

What's new in Jingle Palette 4.4.4:

· Level meter updated to gradient display.
· Included with the installer the latest audio library (v2.1.0.3)
· Added a French translation of the main window only.

What's new in Jingle Palette 4.4.3:

· Hungarian language interface fixed, with unicode characters.
· Credits to interface language translators added to About box.
· Release versions of the executables are compressed with UPX.

What's new in Jingle Palette 4.4.2:

· Added Always On Top feature. See
settings window.
· Bug fixed in display remaining time.
· Installer updated to preserve existing ini
settings when updating installation.
· Relative path detection bug that caused palettes with relative paths not to display correctly, fixed.
· Loop indicator for missing jingles no longer stays on.
· Time announcer bugfixes.
· Underscores in filenames are replaced by spaces when displayed on buton names.
· New demo sounds and palette.
· Added Nederlands language interface.



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